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Have I got a story?

Is your story right for a magazine or newspaper? If you’re not sure, just send us a brief outline on the contact form opposite, or give us a phone, and we’ll have a chat about it.

Many people DO have a good story to tell because magazines and newspapers are interested in all aspects of people’s lives. From stories that are heartwarming, uplifting or just plain quirky to tales of heartbreak and tragedy; magazines and newspapers are always on the look-out for a slice of real life.

So if you know a story about love, betrayal, serious crime, bereavement, addiction, a fairytale ending, survival against the odds, life transformation, dramatic weight loss, cosmetic surgery, a family drama, a parenting dilemma, amusing pets, unusual jobs, brushes with fame, or anything else for that matter, and you would like to see it in print, just contact us today.

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I’m not sure if I want to sell my story, can I get in touch without committing myself?

Yes. We appreciate it’s a big step, so we’re always happy to spend as much time as you want talking it through. The final decision to go ahead is always yours.

Click on TESTIMONIALS to discover what a positive experience it can be to deal with MegaMedia.

Why sell my story?

There are lots of reasons to sell your story, including;

To raise awareness of an issue.
To help other people going through a similar experience.
To encourage others to speak out about taboo subjects.
To pay tribute to someone who has died.
To name and shame an organisation or individual.
To apply pressure to an organisation or individual.
To put your side of the story.
For financial reward (for yourself or your favourite charity.) Click on MONEY to
     find out how much your story may be worth.
To help you come to terms with an experience by sharing it.

How do I sell my story?

Get in touch by email (using the contact form opposite). Text or telephone Marcello on 07836 293390 or Catherine on 07710 648374 and we will get right back to you to save you the cost.

After a chat (or face-to-face meeting if you prefer), if we decide that you have a good story to sell and you decide to go ahead, then we approach all the leading magazines and newspapers to find out who is willing to pay most for your story. As an independent agency, we are not tied to any particular magazines or newspapers and so we can shop around for the highest offer for you.

If you are happy with what is being offered, you then sign a contract in which you agree not to talk to any other publication until after your story has been printed. This is because magazines and newspapers want stories to be ‘exclusive’ to them. This contract also guarantees that you will receive the payment following publication.

Either Marcello or Catherine will then interview you by visiting you at home or anywhere suitable you choose, or over the telephone. Often the subject matter is sensitive, so if you prefer to talk in particular to a male or female reporter, that’s fine. A photographer will visit at a later date to take some photos.

Once the article is written it will be read to you line by line to make sure that you are happy with every word. Publication can be as quick as the next day (for a newspaper) or a fortnight to several weeks for magazines. Click on TESTIMONIALS to discover what a positive experience it can be to sell your story through MegaMedia.

Can I sell my story more than once?

Yes. It is usually possible to sell to both a newspaper and a magazine at once, or even to two different magazines. Also, many stories lend themselves to ‘follow-ups’ months or years later, as readers are interested to know how you have got on.

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