Public realtions crisis management and campaigns - Edinburgh, Scotland

"The Scottish criminal bar faced a difficult challenge, with the latest in a series of proposed cuts in legal aid allied to a number of other changes that we believed would harm the profession and the interests of justice. It's not easy for lawyers to win the hearts and minds of the public as we're often portrayed as very well-paid and privileged.
We asked MegaMedia to help with all aspects of our campaign, preparing a media strategy and putting it into effect, at times being pro-active with tightly-written and well-received press releases, and at other times responding to the public statements made by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Legal Aid Board.
With MegaMedia's help, we felt we won the arguments and received a sympathetic hearing from the press and public, and would not hesitate to recommend Marcello and Catherine to anyone who needs their message to reach a wide audience via experienced journalists who know the Scottish media inside out"

Mark Harrower, President of the Edinburgh Bar Association

“Since the creation of our Charity ‘Scottish Love in Action’, Marcello and Catherine have been concerned about the plight of the destitute children in India for whom we work so are happy to support us in a very practical way by making available to us their PR skills and so helping us to reach the major newspapers.
This helps us to raise our profile with a wider public and thus raise awareness about the work we do here as a Scottish charity in response to the desperate needs of so many Indian children.”

Gillie Davidson, founder and chair, Scottish Love in Action