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Welcome to MegaMedia, the experts at getting you into the spotlight. We deal with all the UK’s major newspapers - including the Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail, the Sun, the Sunday Mirror, the People, the Daily Record and Sunday Mail - and women’s magazines - such as Take a Break, That's Life, Pick Me Up, Real People, Woman’s Own, Closer, Reveal and Chat. They trust us to deliver the best stories.

So if you have a story to tell, contact us today. For instance, if you or your family have been affected by serious crime, or have a story about sex and betrayal, a story with a fairytale ending, a tale of survival against the odds, of bereavement, addiction, brushes with fame, a dramatic life-changing experience, dramatic weight loss, cosmetic surgery, family dramas, parenting dilemmas, or anything else you’d like to see in print, get in touch with us now.

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